Seven important questions

7 Questions to answer before using Shed Plans.

You have decided you want to build a shed, be it a storage shed, garden shed or hobby shed using a set of shed plans. Whether your a novice, a handyman or a professional shed builder, you need to have everything ready before you start any project. The best way to be prepared is to make an action plan. You then need to put your action plan into place. Before you begin construction, you will need to list and answer some important questions to save you time and money for your storage shed project.

1 What is the real reason that you want the shed?

Will it be a garden shed for your garden equipment, a general storage shed or a storage / work shed? Think hard about this. Once you build your storage shed, you and your family will find lots more uses for it. Storage for sports equipment, toys or a hobby area. Will your wife decide that all that clutter in the house could now be stored in your new storage shed? Carefully decide what your shed will be used for now as adding to it or rebuilding will take more time and expense.

2 What size should it be?

Now you have decided what your shed will be used for, you know what size you need to make it. Remember to keep future usage in mind. If it is just for a garden shed, you will always be adding to your tools and garden needs collection, so allow for new items. If it is a storage shed, then be aware that its not just todays items that may end up in it. You do not want to have to build a new  shed all over again because you did not allow for future growth.

3 The location of the Shed

Decide the best location. Will it be accessible without having to navigate garden beds yet accessible for your wheel barrow or mower. Do you want to place it where it won’t interfere with your landscaping or look out of place? Take your time to decide, you don’t want to move it once it’s built. Will the shed you decided on fit where you want to build it. You may need to compromise on either the shed size or the space it will occupy.

4 Do you need to insulate it, Make it waterproof or is it open style.

How extreme are the seasons and what will be in your shed that needs protecting from cold, heat, wind or rain. You will need to consider the design and materials.

5 Is a building permit required?

Do you know what you’re local by laws for building sheds are? Is the size shed you want to build within the sizes that you usually do not need a permit or have you have chosen a larger size shed that you will need to submit plans for building approval?

6 The big question. What is your budget for the project?

Up till now everything has been about the use and location of the shed. The budget has been pushed to the back of your mind. But it is difficult to set the budget without a set of plans and knowing what materials you will need and their cost. Your budget is going to help you decide upon your final garden shed or storaged shed plan.

7 Where do I get my shed plans from?

You now have the answers to why you want a garden shed or storage shed. What it will be used for, how big it will be, what is your budget. Now to answer to the final question – where do I get shed plans?
There are a number of resources for shed plans. Your local home hardware or building centre, magazines and of course the internet.

Below are 2 products that supply shed plans at very low cost and you also get lots of other woodworking plans, instructions, videos and much more. Click on the images to find out the great bonuses available.

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