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Choosing the right Storage Shed Plan for your garden

You have completed your landscaping for the season and your garden looks great. Now to find a place to safely store your tools and equipment away from the elements and safely for the protection of children. The obvious choice for storing it would be a Storage Shed.

Now to work out how to go about getting a storage shed. You will of course need a storage shed plan but first you have to decide what type of storage shed plan and the size and location of the storage shed. You will need to research your requirements for the storage shed to make sure you decide on the right one for you.

All of your garden items are the first things to be stored and as you already have most of these items, you have a good idea of how much room they will take up in a storage shed. Don’t forget to allow for additional tools and replacements in the future. Maybe you will buy a ride on mower for next summer, a leaf blower-vac for fall or a snow blower for winter. You will want to fit these into your storage shed, yet be able to get at them without taking everything out first.

The storage shed – where will you place it? Depending on the area you have available, the size and style of storage shed will affect its location. Let’s say you have two choices of locations.

One is almost out of site tucked away in the back of the garden (difficult to get at)
the other at the edge of the flower beds.

Both will suit the size of shed you have in mind so now it’s time to decide on the style. The one tucked away can be very basic as it won’t interfere with your landscaping. If you choose the one in more open space, you will want a fancier design to compliment your house and garden. Very important considerations when it comes time to choose your storage shed plans.

You must have a budget in mind for your storage shed.

When you are selecting your storage shed plans you may have an option of shed types depending on what materials you want to use. Prices vary on the types of materials used. If the basic plan and materials is well within your budget, then upgrading to a deluxe version could be an option.

When choosing your plan, be practical. There are so many to choo
se from, you will most probably be surprised at the variety. You could easily get carried away if you aren’t careful and stick to your plans. Most plans provide a finished picture of the storage sheds. There will be several that you will probably really like. There are your basic sheds, small shed and some storage sheds look like tiny cottages. Look carefully at the plans as they have to meet all of your identified requirements now and in the future.

Pick a couple that you like and see if they answer these questions

1. Are they the size that you need?
2. Will it fit in with the area you have chosen?
3. If it requires a building permit will it meet the criteria?
4. Is it simple and easy to understand for the novice?
5. Does it give a complete list of materials, and will these materials be readily available in your area?

If you can say yes to all these questions then it’s time to choose the storage shed plans that you like best and start building your new storage shed.

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